Vinyl Strap Replacement

Vinyl Strap Replacement

One restorative option is to replace just the vinyl strap on your pieces for an updated look. However, we strongly recommend a full restoration, both strap and frame, for a truly outstanding result. We believe that you will find the cost of full restoration to be a real value.

We replace the vinyl strapping using only the highest quality virgin vinyl. We have over 50 colors to choose from in four different widths: 5/8", 1", 1.5" and 2" (though not all colors are available in all sizes). Please refer to Colors for availability.


Straight Strap: The vinyl strap, typically 1.5" Р2" wide, runs in one direction only. For example, all straps go horizontally or "left to right". On occasion, individual straps may also run vertically. But NO interlacing, weaving or crossing of strap occurs on the seat or back.

Weave: The vinyl strap, typically 5/8" Р1.5" runs in more than one direction. They can interlace themselves horizontally and vertically OR diagonally. The 5/8" and 1" weave is usually one piece of vinyl knotted at one end, woven onto the frame, and knotted again.