Misc. Outdoor Furniture Repairs

Miscellaneous Outdoor Furniture Repairs

Umbrella Repairs

We do many types of umbrella repairs. The most common repair requires a cord replacement which generally costs $35. Many umbrella covers can be removed from your old frame and put onto a whole new frame.

Welding / Metal Furniture Repairs

Following our sandblasting process,  before painting, we inspect the furniture for any broken or cracked welds which may have been disguised by rust or an old worn finish. This can commonly occur, even with normal use, anywhere that two pieces of metal are joined together. If we do happen to find any problems, we will contact you to discuss any necessary repairs and/or your options. The charge for welds is typically $15 per weld to a maximum of $75 per piece.

•  Chair frames and benches
•  Outdoor/garden accessories;  planters, planter carts, etc
•  Ornamental iron railings
•  Marine parts/equipment
•  Automotive and motorcycle parts
•  Industrial equipment
•  Medical equipment

Patio Chair Cushion Replacement

We offer high quality outdoor cushions and pads constructed with durable all weather fabrics.  Choose from hundreds of fabric designs and a variety of cushion styles to meet all your comfort, quality and style needs.