From Part Replacement To Sewing We Do It All

After sandblasting and before powder coating, we inspect the furniture for any broken or cracked welds that may have become apparent when the old paint and/or rust was removed. This can commonly occur where two pieces of metal frame are joined together. We will contact you to provide options and costs if this happens.

Umbrella Repairs:

We do many types of umbrella repairs. The most common repair requires a cord replacement which generally costs $35. Many umbrella covers can be removed from your old frame and put onto a whole new one. Market umbrellas sometimes require the replacement of one or more of the wooden ribs. As this type of repair involves dismantling the entire frame the charge for one rib replacement is $90. Each additional rib is then just $20. Call us about any type of repair or restoration you may need.

Sewing & Part Replacement

There are often times that we hear from customers that their sling is “pulling away from the frame” or is in need of some type of repair. In some cases, the seam can be re sewn. When they cannot, the sling will need to be replaced. Unfortunately, this is something that cannot be determined without visual inspection of the sling. We will advise you and provide you with options prior to doing any work. Please contact us for more information.

We stock a large selection of plastic glides and inserts. The majority of these range in cost from $.50 to $.75 each plus any shipping. Sending us an old piece is the best way to ensure that you order the correct fit.

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