We Repair & Restore Fabric Sling Chairs

Most of the new furniture today uses mesh slings instead of vinyl strapping. As with vinyl, the mesh does not last forever and will eventually need to be replaced.

Let Chair Care custom make slings for you at our location. We guarantee a perfect fit! Chair Care can create and install for you, create and ship to you for you to install or even simply install your factory direct slings

Fabric Selection:

With over 200 fabrics to choose from, our office is the best place for you to view the widest variety. For your convenience, see colors for representation of our solid colors and a small sampling of our more popular collection. Samples can be sent to you! Many times,a simple telephone conversation with our designer about your preferences, dï² and/or furniture setting will enable us to send you a personalized selection to choose from.

Specialty Slings:

Some slings have a thin foam pad sewn between two layers of fabric. We can custom make these for you. Also, on occasion, customers may want to replace this type of sling with a single non-padded layer (standard style). This type of conversion is available with our installation.

Many standard sizes and shapes are available in a choice of fabrics. Please call For more pricing and information.

Custom Umbrellas can be made to match your newly restored furniture. Please Call for more pricing and information.

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